PDLC Corporate Practice area has a team of specialists who have broad experience in Corporate matters, with sufficient expertise required to help our clients in domestic and international transactions.

As a result of the professional career of each one of the members of our team, we have experience advising all types of companies, private investors and governmental entities.

Our experience, also includes advising various investment funds and business incubators, as well as family businesses seeking continuity and implementation of Corporate Governance rules for their companies.


  • Leasing
  • Real Estate
  • Anti-Trust
  • Government Procurement
  • Corporate Law
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Project Financing and Infrastructure
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign Investments
  • Gamming and Lottery
  • Licensing and Franchising
  • Anti-Corruption Practices
  • Financial Services Consumer Protection
  • Tourism
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Banking and Finance
  • Corporate Restructures
  • Conflicts Between Shareholders

Tax Law

Tax Practice area, offers efficient solutions based on its Commercial and Tax experience developed by its team, creating and implementing preventive and corrective strategies for our clients, we seek to provide competitive advantages to make their business and operations more efficient.

In addition to our Tax Strategy Planning Experience, PDLC has a team of talented litigators whose main goal is to ensure our clients that they can operate seeking less possible impact to its main source of income.


  • Constitutional Law (Constitutional Relief or “Amparo” proceeding in Tax matters)
  • Consulting
  • Litigation
  • Social Security

Intellectual Property

During these times where intangible assets are becoming more valuable than material assets, a team of professionals such as PDLC, can be your best ally.

With significant experience acquired while working in the Intellectual Property regulatory organisms in Mexico and the most prestigious law firms and companies in Mexico, our Intellectual Property Practice area can help individuals or companies at any stage of the lifecycle of their Intellectual Property rights, from, its creation, protection, marketing, licensing, distribution and transfer at domestic or international level, as well as defending such rights against any third parties.


  • Acquisition of Intellectual Property Assets
  • Application of Border Measures in Defense of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Unfair Competition
  • Copyrights
  • Licensing
  • Distribution and Franchising
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Trademarks
  • Monitoring of Rights Encroachment at a Commercial Registration Level
  • Patents
  • Protection of Personal Data
  • International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in over 150 Countries
  • Comparative and Deceptive Advertising
  • Trade Secrets
  • Plant Varieties

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Our Litigation Practice area has an impeccable record in all types of disputes, when representing individuals, companies and governmental entities.

With a perspective that includes not only a legal perspective, but also a commercial understanding and taking into consideration at all times the regulatory framework applicable to each of our clients, the PDLC team, provides our clients with a competitive advantage when defending their interests.


  • Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • Consulting and Litigation on Constitutional and Administrative Matters (Remedy of Amparo)
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Government Procurement
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Conciliation and Arbitration before the CONDUSEF (Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios Financieros)

Energetic Law

Through the experience developed by the attorneys of the Firm and a solid alliance with Entra Consulting, we have integrated a multidisciplinary team that assists clients in devising strategies to succeed in today’s global, complicated and highly regulated oil and gas industry. Our team includes oil and gas industry professionals with valuable international, commercial and regulatory experience.


  • Structuring International Energy Transaction
  • Guiding the Way Through Latin America’s Complex Oil and Gas Regulations
  • Managing Merger and Acquisition Projects
  • Navigating Laws Affecting New Technologies
  • Structuring Compliance Programs
  • Managing Oil and Gas International Disputes and Providing Expert Witness Litigation and Arbitration Services


Within the Corporate area of PDLC, it is a specialized Immigration law area which offers personalized services according the needs of each one of our clients, besides providing them a complete legal counseling.


  • Temporary and Permanent Residence Cards: (Work visa, Investment visa, Student visa, Family visa)
  • Registration of Mexican Companies at the National Immigration Institute
  • Naturalization
  • Apostille and Legalization of Documents for International Use
  • Consular Assistance

Mining Law

PDLC has specialized lawyers in Mining Law, offering to its clients proper counseling in the mentioned area.

Our main job focuses primarily on representing national and international mining companies, as well as negotiation, management and resolution of legal matters in this specific area.


  • Research of the Legal Status of the Company at the General Management of Mines (Public Registry and Obligations)
  • Preparation of Reports regarding the Legal Status of Mining Concessions
  • Preparation and Negotiation of Assignment
  • Exploitation, and Service Agreements with third Parties and Landowners
  • Counseling and Estimation of the Payment of Rights
  • Registration of Mexican Companies
  • Agreements and Lien Cancelations before the Mining Public Registry

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