Let's talk law fully with PDLC

A legal conversation at your height, with Mauricio Portillo, founding partner of PDLC.

At PDLC we adapt the world of law to the new era, and the Let's Talk Right with PDLC podcast is one of our ways of breaking paradigms to bring our allies closer, keep them up to date with issues of interest, reforms, law updates and other changes for which we need to be prepared.

And, to show that good practices in law can be at anyone's hand, because we are clear that our customers are the most important thing and we are willing to make history with them. Let's cross the bridge together.


“Rumbo a la nueva normalidad. Retorno al trabajo, medidas laborales y sanitarias”

Edición especial de Hablemos Derecho, el podcast de PDLC ahora llevado a modalidad
de webinar para esta situación sin precedentes que estamos viviendo.

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